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President Trump Tweets To Melania For Mother’s Day

One of the main reasons people have picked Donald J. Trump to be our president is because he is highly familiar with real values. He promised us greatness, and we saw in just 100 days that he is serious with his promises.

While Obama caused serious damage to our nation during his 8-year reign, things are finally getting better for every American as a better person succeeded him in office.

But despite President Trump being a far better leader than we all expected, Democrats are still throwing their criticism at him and disapprove of every step he takes, but despite the harsh attacks during his first few months in office, he managed to thrive and do well.

And now that President Trump has proven all the rumors about him not loving his family to be false and ignorant, we are only left to wonder what else are the Democrats going to come up with to twist this story and trash our president.

President Trump, just like millions of caring fathers and husbands, took it to twitter and honored his wife Melania as well as every other woman in the world on this special day, and brought cheer and joy to every Trump supporter with his last tweet. Now, this is a President that knows how to show appreciation to every citizen in our nation.


One thing is for certain – no matter what Trump does, the Democrats will always be here to blast him, but their horrible ranting won’t change the fact that President Trump is a man of decency and honor and a man who cares for everyone. Good look to the mainstream media that will try and switch this to a story making Trump look like he hates women and has a broken marriage with Melania.

Let’s spread the word about the amazing thing our POTUS did and show him our support!

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