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North Korea Tested Another Nuclear Missile

North Korea has to be taken more seriously! This country is a real threat not to the USA only, but to the entire world. First, we have to ask the question: Who is responsible for the awful situation in this country?

Communism. In the worst ‘shape’ possible. The liberal elites, the globalists, in the past century created and spread communism. Actually, the roots of this sick political ideology go way back in the history. Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels started first with those inappropriate ideas who were supported by the global elites.

North Korea was just one of their tools in the vicious game: DIVIDE AND CONQUER. They divided the world in two and left their gross ‘marks’ behind- the communist regimes. The USA fought against many of them.

The only existing truly by the name in the 21st century is N.Korea. Kim Jong Un is worshiped like GOD. The poor North Korean people are 24/7 part of a massive propaganda. There you can see the highest level of brainwashing and complete ignorance. This country is also isolated from the rest of the world.

Dear readers, North Korea is just the PERFECT example of what happens if you let the far left rule the country. Unseen corruption, lies, miserable standard, but the 1% are worshiped like gods.

Donald Trump confronted the last bastion of the radical left regimes. North Korea is now dealing with REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT. Obama was unable to do anything about stopping Kim Jong Un. He ignored the N.Korean issue and his so-called ‘sanctions’ were just a sad joke.

Kim Jong Un, then, got encouraged from our showing of weakness. Kim Jong Un thinks that Donald Trump will be just as ignorant as his predecessor. NO WAY!

However, Kim Jong Un just tested ANOTHER NUCLEAR MISSILE. BUT THIS TIME FAILED! Again and again, Kim Jong Un plays with fire. This mental kid should understand there we will not tolerate his immature and arrogant behavior.

The mainstream media quickly rushed to cover the event. They said that Kim Jong Un successfully launched his missile- but quickly a Japanese military report corrected the media. The missile fall in the Japanese Sea.


Now, Donald Trump is on the move. This tiny dictator should be taught a lesson by Uncle Sam. No more good Trump. No more tolerance. Trump already has support from many foreign factors. Nobody likes the madman with nukes. He will face his destiny soon.


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