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Noonan: America Is Not Obsessed With the ‘Comey Drama’ Like DC

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Sunday on  CBS’s “Face the Nation,” during a panel discussion segment about President Donald Trump firing FBI Director James Comey, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said argued that what “obsesses us in Washington” doesn’t necessarily obsess the rest of the country.

Noonan said, “I’m thinking of, as we all speak here about this whole Comey drama, what obsesses us in Washington as we well know is not necessarily what obsesses America. What we talk about on this panel, our views are not necessarily reflected out there. I was so struck yesterday with everybody I know in conversations it was all about Comey, the FBI, who is the next guy.”

“I put on the TV, and I see the president wowing them at Liberty University,” she continued. “They got MAGA hats on. I am struck by the distance between our conversation and the national conversation. And I’m struck by the distance between Democrats and Republicans as they approve or disapprove of the Comey thing. It’s an 80/20. Democrats were 80 percent. I hate the Comey firing. Republicans were 80 percent. I love the Comey firing.”

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