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Naughty Nurse Busted For What She Did To Unconscious Patients’ Genitals

An upstate New York nurse had a moment alone with a male patient when she saw an opportunity she couldn’t resist. Since he was under anesthesia, she decided to take full advantage of his manhood, thinking she could have her way with it without anyone finding out. However, she was caught with the disgusting proof in her hands weeks later, and she is now paying an irreversible price.

Kristen Johnson, 27, was at work at the Upstate University Hospital back in 2014, where she was considered an esteemed medical professional. Never having shown a lack of good judgment or poor bedside manner, she appeared to be the perfect employee.

Putting all trust and confidence in Kristen, other staff left her alone with the unconscious patient, if only for a brief time as he was recovering from his procedure. It was in this moment her career would begin to unravel with other pieces of her life, fully coming to fruition on Monday.

Kristen kept her iPhone in her scrubs while on the job, which came in handy when she decided to take a peek at the male patient’s private parts, noticing something about his genitalia that she found interesting. She snapped a selfie or two with it, then sent it off to fellow nurses she was friends with. Finding the first penis picture to be so funny, she did the same thing a second time with a different patient, texting the photos out to the same recipients.

According to New York Daily News, her co-workers complained about the penis pictures Kristen sent, reporting it to police. This led to an investigation by the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office, which ultimately resulted in her arrest in May of 2015. She was held on charges of moral unfitness in the practice, which basically means having taken pictures of another person’s intimate body parts without their consent.

Now, nine months after her arrest, Kristen accepted a plea deal which reduced her charge and punishment, but she was forced to surrender her nursing license as part of the agreement, which happened on yesterday. She will avoid additional jail time, but she will be on probation for three years.

This woman wasn’t out of nursing school for very long before she threw her entire career away in a couple clicks with her phone’s camera. Everything she worked hard for was gone after hitting “send,” and she’s not the first or the last to face dire ramifications after oversharing. With technology always at hand and morality on the decline, quick decisions like these will continue to destroy people’s lives.

Kristen can’t feel too bad about the punishment she received because had she had been male, she likely wouldn’t have ever been given the option of a plea bargain. A man would have been sentenced to jail without an option, but at least she’s not practicing medicine any longer or violating vulnerable people’s privacy. If Kristen is able to get a job with her new record, hopefully, she’ll take it more seriously. Many people can benefit from learning this same lesson before it’s too late.

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