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MSNBC Analyst Calls For ISIS Bombing The Trump Property

Reports come in that MSNBC’s Counter Terrorist Analyst just made a request for Trump Tower to be bombed, and now, he is in some deep trouble for even having the courage to mention it, let alone call for it.

The report added that the Counter Terrorist Analyst for MSNBC suggested that ISIS should attack the President Donald Trump’s building, hinting in his Twitter post that he is hopeful that ISIS terrorist would do such horrific thing to the President’s estate in Turkey.

After seeing a picture of Trump Tower in Istanbul, Nancy took it to Twitter to write,“This is my nominee for the first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.”

However, shortly after Nancy seemed to feel at unease for her tweet, especially after receiving tons of backlash from common-sense Twitter users. And despite deleting the tweet, we all know that nothing stays deleted on the Internet. Either way, Nancy’s tweet was specifically concerning thanks to the fact that it comes from a “counter-terror” analyst.

Going on the internet and encouraging terrorists to bomb an enormous building in one of Europe’s biggest cities, where millions of people live, is a clear indicator that this delusional person should be put behind bars, not for her hate of Trump, but for her irrational thoughts.

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Also, let’s take a moment and pray for President Trump’s safety! These haters are going too far with their threats.

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