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Mom Beats Son Over Mother’s Day Card, Cops Sick To Learn Simple Reason Why

When officers with the Spartanburg Police Department in South Carolina responded to a disturbance call, they never could have anticipated what they would learn upon arriving. After hearing that the entire dispute started over a Mother’s Day card, they were left sickened to learn the simple reason that the mother lashed out and beat her son.

Shontrell Murphy, a mother of two, expected a gift from her son for Mother’s Day. However, when the young boy excitedly came home with a card for the occasion, she was left infuriated when she realized one thing — the card wasn’t for her.

The adorable little boy had wanted to make a Mother’s Day card for his grandmother to excitedly give her when he got the chance. However, his scum of a mother found out and immediately freaked out on the innocent child. Instead of being proud of her son’s kindness, she began to beat the young boy and tore up the card he had worked so hard on for his grandmother.

When police arrived, the grandmother explained to officers what had happened and that her daughter, Shontrell Murphy, had slapped the boy “multiple times on the front, side, and back of the head,” according to Daily Mail. When questioned about her actions, Murphy admitted to smacking the child but said that she “does not believe it was in a hard or violent manner.”

Shontrell Murphy

She even went as far as to tell the cops that she only hit him “because she could,” adding that her son had behavioral problems in school and she wanted to discipline him. However, Murphy’s children revealed that she frequently hits them, and they’re afraid of her.

Luckily, officers weren’t falling for her excuses and were instead completely sickened by her ridiculous reason for smacking her child. The mother has since been arrested and charged with cruelty to children. As for the young boy, he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and, luckily, released with a clean bill of health.

Most parents seek to teach their children to be kind and caring people. Unfortunately, Murphy was so selfish that she couldn’t even handle her son’s sweet intentions to gift his grandmother with a Mother’s Day card. I can’t imagine any self-respecting mother expressing hate towards their child for such a cute gesture.

When you become a mother, your children’s needs become more important than your own. Sadly, too many parents feel they are deserving of attention over their own children. Thankfully, this young boy and his sister are no longer in their mother’s care and at risk of abuse simply for being kind-hearted children.

Children won’t do exactly what you expect of them every day. In fact, the most memorable moments between a mother and her child usually occur in those rare instances you wouldn’t anticipate. Love your children. They are only little once, and one day, you’ll miss it.

As for Murphy, maybe her time behind bars will give her opportunity to reflect on why her child didn’t think of her first when making a Mother’s Day card. It was her actions that made that reason rather obvious. If you want to be recognized as a good mother, try being one.

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H/T: Daily Info

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