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Melania Trump Reveals a Brand New Room In The White House

It is so pleasing to see a classy First Lady that brings so much class to the White House. After these past eight years, we can finally say that the White House has so much class again. First Lady Melania has proven herself as a wonderful woman who cares for the American people. She doesn’t speak too much in public, instead she is letting her actions speak so loud for herself. Today, we are witnesses of another wonderful gesture by our dear First Lady.

Melania Trump made an announcement that came as a big surprise, as we haven’t seen such a wonderful gesture from our previous First Ladies.

“The White House belongs to the people of this country,” First Lady Melania Trump said in a statement. “I believe everyone who takes the time to visit and tour the White House should have as much access to its rich history and wonderful traditions as possible. It is my hope that our visitors truly enjoy the newest piece of the tour.”

However, she doesn’t stop here, as she announced:

“Self-guided tours in the @WhiteHouse now include movie theater! This house belongs to the people & everyone deserves to enjoy its history!”

Melania already proved herself as a good First Lady, she is a strong woman, and successfully withstand her harshest critics. Despite the fact that everything she does is almost perfect, the liberals and the mainstream media will always find a way to discredit her and her actions.

So she needs our support to let them that she is a WONDERFUL First Lady!

What do you think about this? Are you proud to have Melania as America’s First Lady?


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