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Krauthammer Defends President Trump After Vicious Media Attack

Mainstream media has been really hard on Trump since he became President. Even Krauthammer who doesn’t really like President Trump has noticed that things are getting a bit out of hand with the media. He said that liberals have been harder on President Trump than they have been on any other President:

“Trump is a special case. People seem to have a particular animus. I say that as somebody who wasn’t a fan of Trump, wasn’t a supporter, but he’s president, and he deserves some respect. If you’re an American, you want your country to succeed, and he’s the president, constitutionally elected, and you want him to succeed.
So, it seems to me to follow. But there is a particular edge to the coverage, and it’s as if the Comey episode, which is troubling in some ways, but for God’s sake, it’s not a constitutional crisis, has sort of sent people over the edge to the point where they think there really are no journalistic limits or journalistic restraints.”

Krauthammer continued,referencing Kellyanne’s interview with Anderson Cooper:

“[E]lementary ones like, don’t roll your eyes in the middle of an interview, that ought to be observed.
The press will always be overwhelmingly liberal. You got to accept it, stop whining about it, because it’s not going to change. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. It’s a kind of self-selection process where the smart conservative kids start a business, smart liberal kids go into journalism and social work and other things.”



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