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Fmr Kasich Supporter: Hostile Media Makes Me Support Trump

An Ohio man who supported the state’s governor during the 2016 election said President Trump’s treatment in the press is turning him into a Trump supporter.

Dennis Dixon would not say whether he would vote to reelect Trump if the election were held today but said the man is not getting a fair shake.

He said that last November, he did not vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) but instead voted for a write-in candidate.

“I hope I get the chance to vote for him [in 2020],” Dixon said, adding he is viewing Trump with an open mind.

Jon Scott reported that Dixon’s county supported Barack Obama in 2012, but went for Trump last year.

Dixon said that in the media, Trump cannot do anything right to please them:

“It’s nothing but anger with whatever he does,” Dixon, a moderate Republican, said.

He said he somewhat supports Trump because the federal government has been out-of-touch with the working class for a long time.

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