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Damning Hillary Clinton Footage Leaks – Watch Closely…

A few days ago, President Donald Trump fired the incompetent FBI director James Comey. But his decision met protests from the liberals, even though they had been calling for Comey to be fired for months. As soon as President Trump fired him, the Clinton puppets immediately flipped and started whining about how “unfair” his decision was.

The firing of James Comey reignited Democrats’ complaints about Trump firing US Attorney Preet Bharara a few months ago. He was fired after Attorney General Jeff Sessions requested the resignation of Obama’s leftovers in the Department of Justice.


Hillary Clinton and her supporters immediately unloaded on President Trump for this decision, but then a new video surfaced from the 90s showing what the President did, and shut them up forever.

Back when Bill Clinton was our President, he ordered his Attorney General Janet Reno to fire all 93 US Attorneys in one day. Yes, Clinton and Reno fired all of George H.W. Bush’s US Attorneys.

Reno then sent the following letter to Sessions, who was then a US Attorney.


This proves how hypocrites the democrats are… Once again they are exposed in front of millions. We should be so happy that Hillary Clinton is not our president.

Now, let’s expose these dirty Democrats by sharing this 1 million times! Let’s expose them as criminals as they are!

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