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Colorado University to Segregate Black Student Dorms… For ‘Diversity’?!

Before we dive into this story, here’s a quick PSA. We need to have a nationwide intervention for college students who won’t stop stupiding it up on campus. I worry their minds are atrophying into borderless brain mush. Just take this latest example of oxygen waste to come from a university. UC Boulder is striving to strengthen its approach to diversity by way of, drum roll please… segregation!

The University of Colorado at Boulder recently announced plans to transform one of its residence halls into a “Social Justice Living Environment” in the fall.

According to a press release on the matter, the Hallett Hall will be split into three “Living Learning Communities,” one for the “LGBTQIA-identified students and their allies,” another for “students passionate about diversity,” and a third for “black-identified students and their allies.”

The new “Lucile B. Buchanan” portion of the hall will be set aside specifically for “those identifying with elements of the African and Black Diaspora and their community allies.”

Splitting up black people from the rest of the pack was a thing we stopped doing a while ago. We’ve come a long ways since then. Microwave ovens, iPhones, not segregating people…

For people who call themselves progressives, the left sure seems opposed to all things progress (see UC Berkeley Students Demand Segregated Safe Spaces for ‘Equality’ and California State University Now Segregating Black Students to Prevent Racism). Somehow I do’t think the civil rights advocates of old would approve of everything they fought against some forty to fifty years ago.

Methinks MLK Jr said something much different than “I have a dream… That one day black-identifying peoples and their allies can self-segregate!” Yet these boobs are tossing aside Martin’s ways for something more along the lines of Malcolm X. This league of social justice fecal patties advocates actual racism, all the while lobbing accusations of -isms at conservatives who dared vote for the wrong presidential candidate.

Simmer down, bigot, this doesn’t count as racism. In fact, you’re problematic for noticing their hypocrisy. Just pay no mind to the “separate but equal” diaper-clad, socialist circle jerk behind the curtain.

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