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Tucker Carlson Discusses Wall Building With Jorge Ramos

Tucker Carlson is always on the first line of defense against the corrupted and hypocrite liberal leftists. The liberal Democrats always find a way to attack President Trump. These people are seriously complexed and frustrated by their defeat in the presidential election.

Why? Because everything they’ve ever dreamed of was destroyed. Donald Trump broke their spell. Donald Trump ended the carnival of lies, he pulled down the masks and now the American nation finally has a leader that cares for the people.

As a true patriot, Donald Trump found the perfect solution to stop, or at least reduce the huge number of illegal immigrants coming from the Southern border. The famous WALL seems to be an excellent protection for our country, but the liberal leftists just can not accept the fact that someone wants to destroy their dreams for open-border society.

Tucker Carlson disgusted on this topic with the famous liberal Jorge Ramos. Jorge Ramos, as you already know, is radically against the wall. Jorge Ramos confronted Tucker Carlson on this one, and he’s going to regret what he did.

“That wall is not going to do anything to stop immigration.” He also explained that 45 percent of illegal immigrants come from visa overstays or on airplanes.

Carlson confronted the liberal with nice example: ” Walls work in other countries like Israel.”– decribing the fear inside Ramos’ heart. Carlson asked if Ramos was consistent in his borderless society worldview and left his home’s doors unlocked, Ramos said he did not- reports Truth Division. ” You just said you have locks on your doors… Why do you lock your doors?” 

Tucker Carlson literally destroyed Jorge Ramos with his arguments. Donald Trump should get some real media support. We should support the wall and this was just another reason why.


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