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Trump Started Building The Wall- Look Who ‘Started’ The Bill

Donald Trump is a GENIOUS! This man did something awesome today and you will all love it. Donald Trump is starting the WALL construction on the southern border. Barack Obama’s budget funding will be used to build this wall.Believe it or not, our President will pass the new bill which directly uses Obama’s budget regulations to start building the wall.

Actually, now is the time when we should all thank Barack Obama. However, in the past few weeks, this question was a hot topic once again. The Mexican government, first of all, started their “pro-sanctuary cities” campaign against Trump’s law to cut down the sanctuary cities funding.

Mexico stated that these new immigration laws by Donald Trump are racistic and they should be removed. They also said that Mexico disagrees with building a border wall. However, they said nothing about who’s going to pay the wall. Trump mentioned many times that the largest expense will be covered by our southern neighbor.

However, White House press secretary Sean Spicer made the big announcement earlier this May and it’s now happening, according to Conservative Tribune. Look what Sean Spicer said. “Trump is using the current bill to get his priorities moving and put it down. To answer the question: it is currently being built in Naco, Arizona, Sunland Park, New Mexico, and we are going to be starting to do this in San Diego, El Paso, and Rio Grande Valley.”

Now, take a look:

Many security, military and immigration expert agree that this is a perfect way of keeping the country protected from drug cartels, illegal immigration, human trafficking etc. Despite everything liberals say, you have to know that this is a great idea that will significantly decrease the number of illegal traffic on our border.

Donald Trump will make his promises come true. His working quietly and peacefully on his agenda. That’s nice. As long as he works for the American people he will be our hero, he already knows that Americans don’t trust the elites anymore. We needed a ‘people’s man’ and we got him now! Let’s make America great again together!


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