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Trey Gowdy Told Trump That He Is Interested In Becoming The Next FBI Director

It has officially been confirmed now that the U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy received a call from President Donald Trump, asking whether he was interested in taking up the position of the FBI Director, and according to numerous reports, Gowdy has agreed to take on the position.

Here is what Fox News had to say about the info:

Sources claim that the fourth-term congressman Gowdy, stated that he was interested in the position, and of course it is not a job offer, however, it is still the first step to getting the nation’s FBI post.

While Gowdy is a potential candidate for the position, other sources add that he has even made the “official short list.” He is without a doubt, highly qualified for the post, and there is no denying that he has the necessary skills to fix every leaking hole within the FBI. He has proven himself time and time again, that he is an intelligent man brave enough to face any injustice within the system, which is why he is most recommended for the position.

Choosing Trey Gowdy as the director of the FBI will be just another MAJOR step towards draining the swamp and fixing everything wrong with our nation that has been done in the past 8 years.

Let’s spread the word and show Gowdy that he has our support! Do you agree that he should be the next FBI Director?

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