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The Trumps Announced Barron’s New School

The Trumps announced the new school that Barron Trump is going to attend. This is really a great news. The First Family is finally gathered together and the little Barron Trump is going to have the best possible education.

Barron Trump plans to attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, reported USA NewsFlash.This school will be excellent for Barron Trump. He is going to receive enough attention since the school has only 580 students. On every 7 students, there is one teacher, wich describes how much this school’s program cares about each student’s individuality. Every class contains 11-15 students.

“We value and respect all differences, including but not limited to age, ability, ethnicity, family structure, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. To build and sustain a diverse community, the school proactively addresses equity and inclusion in its policies, programs, and practices. We hold everyone in our school accountable for respecting the multitude of human identities and perspectives and for promoting a safe and supportive school environment.”- School diversity statement.

This is an excellent school. Barron Trump should spend a nice time there. However, the young Barron suffered already enough from the liberal menaces. He is a good young man who showed that he loves America and is ready to follow his father’s steps, but the liberal left insulted the kid and hurt him.

This will be a new beginning for Barron Trump and we can hope that he won’t be treated the same in future. He should have the best education and follow the steps of his brothers and sisters.


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