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The First 7 1/2 Miles Of The Border Wall Are Completed – Here’s How It Looks

Despite the claims of the mainstream media that President Trump would never achieve his goal to build a wall at the U.S. – Mexican border, it seems that the border wall is already happening, and if you ask us, he is far ahead of schedule.

Reports have come in from Naco, Arizona that 71/2 miles of flimsy pedestrian fencing have just been replaced by a massive steel border wall. On top of that, border agents seemed to like the new slits as it allows them to see any threats on the other side while being at a ground level.

Other areas of the border are guaranteed to have a “brick and mortar” wall, it had been widely missed in the new budget plan which has been passed recently, that President Trump received over 1.5 billion to improve border control, including replacing flimsy fencing with a brand-new steel wall.

You can see some of the first pictures below, and judging by them, the wall looks like it is at least 40 feet high. As you can see, a regular wall-worker needs a ladder to work on the top of the wall.

Illegals can try climbing that all day long, but it looks like they will be having a hard time. If you ask us, this is an incredible start!

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