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Texas Rancher Finds Evidence Of Muslim Illegals Crossing His Property

A Texas rancher found something unsettling on his property. He was being careful about it and thought it might be a good idea to check his security camera footage and find out what could have brought this strange item to his back yard.

Mike Vickers isn’t just a regular old cattle rancher, but he’s a rancher that owns property right at the tip of Texas. That’s one of the reasons why he handled the unusual finding with caution. Despite the fact that it was very unsettling, his response surely deserves an applause.

What Vickers found turned out to be an URDU dictionary, reports BehindTheTyranny. In case you aren’t familiar with Urdu, this should help you out:


There is no doubt it was an unusual and interesting finding. Since it was from the Texas border, it brings up the question: how many Muslims are there exactly in Mexico and are trying to cross the border and come to the United States through Texas? Surely there can’t be that many…


Those are some shocking numbers indeed. As much as this subject isn’t a laughing matter at all, we couldn’t help but chuckle when the Texas rancher said “You don’t mess with Texas”.

We’re thrilled to see that there still are brave and proud Americans who aren’t afraid to make Muslims sure they are going to regret crossing that border.

You gotta see this:

“We’ve been dealing with this problem for years in our own backyard but nobody would do anything about it,” said Vickers’ wife, Linda. “But now that they’re shipping illegal aliens all over the country, people seem to care. I always said it would be a matter of time before our problem becomes the nation’s problem.”


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