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School Seizes All Yearbooks After Pro-Trump Student Writes 5 Bold Words

A North Carolina High School has confiscated all distributed yearbooks after one student shared a quote from President Donald Trump. Now, the entire school system is facing blowback for their Stalinist mishandling of one student’s five bold words.

The Gateway Pundit reports that local liberals were upset that a student would support President Donald Trump and took the yearbook quote as a slap in the face. Several of the yearbooks at the Richmond Early College High (RECH) School, near Rockingham, North Carolina, had been distributed, when the controversy over one student’s quote caused the principal to take them all back.

Pictured: Yearbook quote

According to The Charlotte Observer, members of the graduating class of the school’s 259 students were allowed to share a quote under their senior picture. One student chose to quote the President of the United States. However, the words “‘Build that wall’ – Donald Trump” drew negative attention as school officials deemed the quote “inappropriate” after publication, causing the seizure of all of the printed annuals.

The Trump quote, which said “Build that wall,” has been slammed on social media by some students and others who called it racist and hurtful to classmates, some of whom are minorities. After RECHS announced on its Facebook page that it had discovered the errors and the inappropriate comments, many people voiced their opinions both for and against the decision to cancel the book.

The Richmond City Schools announcement said:

Earlier this week, it was discovered by school administration that Richmond Early College yearbooks had errors and inappropriate comments.

The principal immediately collected the distributed yearbooks. We regret that this incident has occurred and are currently working with the yearbook’s publisher to make corrections.

As a district, we do not and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward any of our students.

In each situation, our goal is to provide for the well-being of all of our students and prevent recurrences of inappropriate conduct.

Now, the school is facing severe backlash over the decision. One citizen wrote, “Freedom of Speech has been quelled at Colleges… in High School. What happened to Civic’s? Do they not teach that subject anymore?”

Another said, “A wall is a PERMANENT structure which is why liberals oppose it. You can’t turn it off at the whim of the next liberal president who comes along!”

Yet another commenter raised an interesting point in asking if a quote from #BlackLivesMatter would have resulted in yearbook confiscation.

Public schools, unfortunately, have followed colleges down the path of liberal indoctrination, and they have built their empire on the tax dollars of people who do not share their Marxist views. In the end, it is the students who pay the price as they grow up without the ability to create a unique thought. Why would they think and express themselves independently, after the education system that taught them punished free thought anytime it conflicted with the liberal party line?

Hopefully, incidents like this one in North Carolina will wake people up, and they will stop allowing this kind of censorship in schools where they live. Otherwise, all students will grow up to become liberal automatons like their teachers before them.

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