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President Trump Just Gave Ivanka An Incredibly Important Task

There is not a single person in this world that Donald Trump trusts more than his daughter Ivanka Trump. She has been by his side throughout his presidential campaign and continues to be his greatest support now that he is President of the United States. The First Daughter, in fact, has been Donald’s adviser throughout most of his business career, and has proven that she fits quite well in his administration too.

The President trusts her so much that he just gave her one incredibly important job, reports Liberty Writers.

He sent Ivanka on a Listening Tour of all the top US Agencies.

Some of you may not know what exactly is a listening tour, but it’s much more significant than it sounds.

Ivanka must go to all the agencies, especially the EPA, and decide whether or not the US will stay in the Paris Climate Change Agreements.

The President also sent her to visit the Department of Health and Human Services. He wants her to work with them on the NEW health care to make sure it works for all Americans.

Ivanka will also meet with the heads of Labor, Veterans Affairs, and the Small Business Administration in order to help decide their future directions.

Despite all this great success, both as a mother as well as a woman with an amazing career, “feminists” still hate Ivanka Trump so much. There is absolutely no reason behind all that hate and criticism. She is hard working, caring, passionate, and incredibly accomplished. Ivanka is the kind of person we should all strive to be like. She is an inspiration to all young women – not just in the United States – but throughout the world.


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