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Joy Behar Tries To Make Roger Stone Bash Trump – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down

By now we are all aware that famous liberal celebrities use every chance they can to throw their dirt at President Donald Trump, and Joy Behar is not an exception. In fact, she is so used to trash-talking our president, that it came to her as a full-blown shock when she was silenced by top conservative strategist Roger Stone, silenced her after she called Trump a liar on her show.

According to reports, Stone described the fixation on Trump’s Russian ties as a “scandal without evidence so far.” However, he did acknowledge that it took 18 full months for the investigation concerning Richard Nixon to “boil” as there was “smoke” back then.

 “We don’t even have smoke here. We have nothing,” he said.

That was the moment when Behar immediately jumped in to grill him about President Trump’s recent tweets claiming that he and Stone haven’t spoken for a while, despite Stone saying they have.

“Who’s lying: you or the president?” she asked rudely.

“I’m not going to contradict the president,” Stone responded to the rude question, but then he added “I will say I talked to him very recently” doing just that.

He also denied the accusations that Trump had thrown him under the bus.

“I want to testify,” he explained. “I don’t need a subpoena. I’m not asking for immunity. I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear. I want to testify in public so everyone can hear what I have to say. I’m anxious to do it.”

Behar then tried pressuring Stone to address the rumors that he urged President Trump to make the final decision and fire Comey, however, the strategist refused to submit to her demands saying:

“I’m not the source of the story,” he said. “Nor would I comment on it. I’ve always taken the position that private conversations between myself and the president… are confidential.”

 “I have declined to talk about conversations I’ve had with him, and I’m not going to contradict him today,” Stone went on. “That said, he knows my views on Comey. I would’ve fired him five seconds after I took my hands off the bible.”

These rude liberals think they can go around bashing everyone, but it is time to show them that we will not stand for that, so let’s unite, and show Behar where her place is!

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