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Hooters Bows To Sharia, Bans One Thing To Appease Muslims During Ramadan

Hooters has recently found themselves in the public spotlight once again. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t exactly good publicity as the not-so-family oriented restaurant just promised to ban one thing for Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

We’ve all heard the excuse, whether it be in person or on a comedy television show of some kind after a woman learns that her significant other went to Hooters: “Honey, I only go there because they have good wings.” Of course, we know that this isn’t the truth and that the reason anyone goes to the chain restaurant is for one thing and one thing only – it’s for the “hooters.”

Unfortunately for patrons in Jakarta, Indonesia, they have most recently learned that the one thing they mainly go to the restaurant for will be banned for an entire month. According to Coconuts Jakarta, the restaurant chain within the country has promised to appease Muslims by “covering up” during Ramadan – the Islamic holy month where they fast during the daylight hours.

For those unaware, just over 87% of the population in Indonesia is Muslim, meaning that there isn’t much resistance when it comes to imposing Sharia law. However, people around the globe are wondering why it’s so important to respect oppressive Islamic ideals for just one month during the entire year.

When it comes down to it, Hooters is probably doing it for the safety of the store employees. After all, if you think Muslims are aggressive on a good day, well, one can only imagine how they act when they’re “hangry.”

Comical rendering of what Hooters waitresses in a Muslim country would dress like

So, what exactly will be different? Well, it’s actually just what you would imagine. “What will be different is the uniform, for example. The top will feature a higher cut, and we’ll wear skirts instead of shorts,” Hooters Jakarta General Manager Sherry Suradji told the foreign outlet Merdeka.

In all, women who don’t hold the same values of the Muslim men in charge are being forced to cover up. Of course, if they don’t, there’s really no telling what could happen to them as barbaric acts carried out by members of the religion can range from rape to beatings and even murder.

These women are being forced to abide by the rules of a religion that they clearly don’t agree with, otherwise, they would be dressing more modestly and not working at Hooters. Sadly, those seeking to defend the religion from those who can see Islam for what it is, still have yet to catch on to the very real threat to their own existence and freedom. When it comes down to it, Muslims all across the world don’t want the infidel to respect their views just one month in a year – they want it every single day.

This isn’t just about Hooters; this speaks to something much bigger. We, as human beings, all have the right express ourselves how we see fit and practice whatever religion we would like. When one certain group starts telling people that’s not the case, they’re the one in the wrong, not the other way around. Those seeking to defend Islam will only find themselves a slave to the religion. It’s time to stop this madness before it’s too late, and the truth is our best weapon against it.

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