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Franklin Graham Reveals Senate Democrats ‘Misled’ on Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

The Rev. Franklin Graham stated that Senate Democrats are “misled” when it comes to their efforts to prohibit sexual orientation change efforts therapy.

Earlier this week, Democrats mentioned a bill that died last session which would nationally ban the practice of SOCE therapy, which purports to change a person’s sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual.

Graham took it to Facebook to speak about the issue with the bill’s premise that “LGBTQ people were born perfect.” He wrote:

“Actually, they are very misled. We were all born imperfect, with sinful natures — yet loved by God who offers us forgiveness and wholeness through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. Homosexuality is defined by God as sin, an abomination to Him. There’s one “conversion therapy” that works for all sin, and that is asking Jesus Christ to come into our hearts. He can transform and heal our lives, making us new.”
Democratic Sens. Patty Murray and Corey Booker said the legislation known as the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act:

“This bill prohibits sexual orientation or gender identity conversion therapy from being provided in exchange for monetary compensation. It bars advertisements for such therapy that claim to: (1) change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity, (2) eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same gender, or (3) be harmless or without risk.”

Although state-level bans focus on banning the therapy for minors rather than all people, this bill is modeled off of legislation enacted in six states and the District of Columbia.

Ex-gay activist and SOCE therapist Chris Doyle disagrees with this claim and argues that attempts to ban SOCE therapy are “particularly unconscionable” since “minors often struggle with same-sex attractions as a result of rape or molestation by pedophiles.” Doyle said:

” To propagate their lies, gay activists have made outrageous claims that this therapy involves electroshock and other forms of aversive methods, but they have yet to offer any proof of this. Contrary to their claims, this counseling is simply talk therapy. Homosexual activists would rather keep these young people locked in a lifetime of hopelessness — and silence — than allow them to find healing from rape or molestation.”




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