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Evidence About The 7 ‘Civilians’ Obama Released Has Been Discovered

When he was attempting to get the Iran nuclear deal to pass, former President Barack Obama released seven Iranians who were in custody, claiming it was part of a good-faith effort to get Iran to agree to the deal and that the seven weren’t really that dangerous.

Well, it turns out that Obama lied to Congress and the American people about that. In a bombshell report by Politico, it has now been revealed that those seven Iranians were actually very dangerous people.

Three of them had been accused of smuggling technology to Iran for its missile program, and one was serving jail time for trying to smuggle technology to Iran to help with satellite technology.

One of the pardoned Iranians had also spent years smuggling nuclear technology to Iran from China. This man was probably responsible for a large part of Iran’s nuclear program, and Obama just let him go.

Oh, and to top it all off, Obama also dropped the charges against 14 other Iranians, something he failed to mention to the American people at the time.

Think this story will ever be prominently published by CNN? Think again.

Obama’s actions reportedly infuriated several Justice Department officials who believed that releasing these people set back counter-proliferation efforts for years.

“They didn’t just dismiss a bunch of innocent business guys,” said one anonymous official. “And then they didn’t give a full story of it.”

That pretty much sums up the entire Obama administration. Obama frequently lied to the American people, and he constantly jeopardized national security because he thought he could negotiate with terrorist regimes and evil people.

President Donald Trump has vowed to review the Iranian nuclear deal and to get much tougher on the Iranians to stop them from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon.

This latest revelation does make you wonder just what else Obama did that damaged America’s national security without bothering to let anyone know.

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