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Australia Implementing Tougher Citizenship Awarding System

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced their decision to change the way they deal with giving citizenship. Over the years, the idea of citizenship got mistaken for a “right”, and not a privilege, which it actually is. A nation state does not “owe” people citizenship, and the idea that anyone can “claim” it is ridiculous, so the Aussies have decided to make something in that direction.

Turnbull announced the move that should “strengthen the Values of his country”. He and his government have changed the way citizenship is awarded in a fundamentally practical and sensible way.

The new rules include:

  1. Tougher test with more questions.
  2. Ability to read, write, speak and listen in English.
  3. Four years permanent residence in Australia.
  4. After failing the test twice, the applicants must wait another 2 years.
  5. Applicants must declare that they believe in equality (especially of women)

Unlike many other nations, Australia seems to be taking the idea of citizenship seriously. We should definitely follow their example. If migrants arriving want to share the values, the beliefs and the community that the US offers, that’s wonderful. But if they want to bring regressive and oppressive practices with them, they shouldn’t be given the chance to even enter the country.

The idea of these changes is to make overall tighter requirements for new applicants, especially for Muslims suspected of following Sharia Law.

The citizenship test that originally had 20 questions, now there will be more questions added to it. Reading, writing, listening, and moral components will also be included.

Turnbull said that he is doing this in an attempt to not just strengthen the multicultural aspect of Australia, but to also strengthen the VALUES that they hold as a country.

He went on to say that he would never ask potential citizens “to abandon their heritage or their culture or their background” but they need to understand how people treat one another in Australia. They will not settle for people who are okay with domestic violence or hold radical beliefs, reports Freedom’s Final Stand.

The Democrats of our country should learn a thing or two from Turnbull’s move. In our country, the Left tend to embrace DANGEROUS ideology. Because of their ‘political correctness’, we have allowed people in our streets shouting that we need to follow Sharia Law!

Our guess is, the crime rate in Australia is going to drop immensely due to this move. The country will become a happier, safer, and better place than before thanks to this new stricter system. We NEED to adopt something similar AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
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