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3 Refugees Rape, Impregnate Mentally Ill Child — Judge Gives Them Sick Gift

When 3 refugees spotted a mentally disabled girl, they seized the opportunity to take advantage of her special needs by kidnapping, drugging, and gang-raping for 3 days, which led to her becoming pregnant. However, after the court heard the heinous details, the judge decided to give the rapists an unbelievably sickening gift.

The more inhumanity that asylum seekers perpetrate, the harder the left works to conceal and excuse their crimes. In a desperate bid to salvage their idea of “multiculturalism,” which really means flooding Western nations with mostly Muslim migrants, liberals are not only allowing their barbaric guests to break our laws but to get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. By chalking it up to “cultural differences,” the left is perpetuating the victimization of our most vulnerable citizens, which has enabled one of the most disturbing crime sprees in Europe to date.

During a trial on May 5, a district court in the Netherlands heard the testimony of a 16-year-old mentally ill girl who was brutally gang-raped and impregnated by a group of Afghan refugees. When the 3 asylum seekers saw that the special needs girl was running away from her Limburg home, they lured her into their vehicle and offered her the rape drug Rohypnol dissolved in a Red Bull. After unknowingly taking the drug, she complained of dizziness, vomited 3 times, and slipped into an intoxicated state. It was then that the refugees took turns raping the defenseless child, online newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen reports.

The court heard that for 3 days in April 2015, the Afghan refugees kept the mentally disabled girl as their own personal sex slave, keeping her drugged so they could rape her over and over again. During this time, the girl became pregnant and managed to slip past her attackers in a harrowing escape. Despite her traumatic abuse, the courageous girl selflessly decided to keep her baby.

Having heard the stomach-churning details of the crimes, the country was shocked to find out 2 weeks ago that the judge decided to allow the refugee gang-rapists walk away with just a couple of years in prison each. Unbelievably, the criminal court gave the 22-year-old lead child rapist to 5 years in prison and only sentenced the second rapist with “sexual assault,” which resulted in him getting just 2 years in prison. The third asylum seeker, who is 21, was ironically sentenced to deportation for 5 years, allowing him to return to the Netherlands once he is 26, according to Belgian Nieuwsblad.

In addition, criminal reporter Hendrik Jan Korterink reports that the court ordered the refugee who impregnated the victim to pay her an estimated total of $82,000, which the girl will likely never receive. The other rapists have been ordered to pay the girl around $11,500 for pain and suffering, which the victim, again, will never see.

Although the crime spree rocked Europe, these migrants will not only be walking the streets in a matter of months, they will still be allowed to claim benefits as asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Sadly, as most criminal migrants are repeat offenders, other vulnerable young girls will become targets for these deviant refugees in no time.

These savages evaded charges of kidnapping, drugging, aggravated rape, rape of a minor, and false imprisonment in order to receive a lighter sentence for sexual assault. However, the bigger issue is that the sexual slavery rampant in Islamic nations is sweeping Europe thanks to the massive influx of migration almost solely from Muslim-majority countries.

After the Islamic prophet Muhammad ordered the mass beheading of 500 to 900 men and boys of the Banu Qurayza tribe and the execution of all males of the Banu Nadir, he took the beautiful 17-year-old Safiyyah bint Huyayy and young Rayhana bint Zayd as his sex slaves. Having just butchered Rayhana’s husband and Safiyya’s family, Muhammad raped the young women and, according to some authors of the hadith, later added them to his harem of “wives.”

Because these women were from Jewish tribes, they were forced to convert. Of course, since Muhammad had raped them before allegedly marrying them, he used scripture to legitimize his perverted actions. He not only quoted Quran 4:24, stating that married women are forbidden for sex unless they are “captives whom your right hands possess,” but encouraged his men to rape and impregnate their sex slaves, as it is Allah’s will.

When we read the Islamic texts that devout Muslims are commanded to obey, it’s easy to see why they feel justified in committing each of their sadistic crimes. Since Muhammad is Islam’s “perfect man” and the only man Allah prescribed to interpret the Quran, we see from his sadistic actions how violence and oppression are not only allowed in Islam but commanded.

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